A photograph is only as good as the story behind it. Tyler Hayward has understood the secret. He is an exceptionally talented photographer when it comes to portraits. If you look into his work closely, rather look at his subjects closely you’ll sure to find a story. Most photographers usually write the story behind their photographs so as not to risk ambiguity in the understanding of the art the person has created. However Tyler risks it by avoiding a story creating the freedom for his audience/followers to determine the story behind the subject.


He has collaborated with a lot of other Instagrammers including @livestockcanada and @indexamo . He is also involved in a project called the SoleTraits . It is a rather interesting project where Tyler interviews people about the favourite shoes they own and asks them why they are their favourite. He also asks them questions about their shoe habits, about their childhood shoes and much more. The stories behind their answers are very intriguing showing the love of people towards their shoes.

Growing up Tyler had a subscription to the National Geographic magazine, so alike a lot of other young aspiring photographers he had an ambition of being a travel photographer working for National Geographic he grew up reading. So this interest in Photography led him to skim through newspapers and advertisements. His curiosity in shallow depth of field in photos where the subject had sharp focus with blur background led to his discovery of DSLRs. He got a DSLR on his birthday as a request he had made to his parents on his birthday.


As a photographer Tyler keeps on pushing himself to shoot more and develop a more unique style. A definite style that people canidentify him to. He usually tries to create a movement, a flow in his pictures.

For Tyler being a creative is something that comes naturally. So if you think you are not creative you might just be wrong. What decides your creativity is how you communicate it. If you find a perfect medium then people shall recognize your aptitude of being a creative. For Tyler that medium is photography and he expresses his creativity through his lens to the people who love his work.

You can follow Tyler at @tilore .

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