Dear people who don’t know me,

I’m back after 3 years of education . I have learnt what is important and what is not. The first thing I have learned is that inspiring people, motivating them and discovering awesome people is something I truly love, dearly. There is nothing more fulfilling than to see a person passionate about what he/she does. Not only does it give us an hope of the availability of creative people in this world but it also motivates us to do what we love, maybe not in a pure form but a job that we created for ourselves as a result of the passion.

So what I want to do with the blog is that I want to pull your focus to some creative minds, people who love what they do making them very good at their craft.

I hope to post as frequently as possible because this is something I love doing, discovering new people and getting motivated by them.

Something you need to know about me is that I am currently in a college pursuing design and that I have kind of discovered what I want to do with my life but still a little ambiguity remains in the future of my ambitions.

So next time we meet it will be with a new creator whom I am inspired from and who is good at his/her work.

This maybe 2.0 of this blog, if i correctly understand what it means.

Regards, Anuj.

“Second chances are something you earn not get gifted”¬†-Anonymous


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