Be Real. Be Yourself. A phrase that is necessary for being successful. Many people would ask that, what does being real mean? Well original can be stated a synonym for being real.  Well when something is not an imitation or copy of something else, it can be stated as genuine or real. So what makes you genuine or real? Keep Reading.

Be original. I can get you a hundred and one posters that has the phrase written on it. I can bet you that you have come across a few, but have ignored it. Why? Because you feel you are original? Let me bring you back to reality my friend. You cannot be original. In this modern era, it is almost impossible to come up with a totally new idea that no one has come up with before you. Well if you do, you might even win a noble prize. So how to be original? Well if you take up a concept or idea from somewhere, do not rip it off. Try improving that idea and give it your own touches and then present it as you won. Let me tell you that no matter how much you try to copy something you will know in your heart that it was not yours.

“Good Artists Copy. Great Artists Steal.” – Pablo Picasso

Being real doesn’t mean that you cannot steal. Stealing art means presenting it as your own by improving it with your own ideas. You can state this as being inspired by the art. If you do not have the power to steal or your morale haunts you back, then I’m sorry my friend, you may be left behind in the crowd. If you cannot steal, then you will be lost among others. You may not rise above the common strata.  Some have a power to enhance something by their skill in a particular genre. For example, Steve Jobs had seen the graphical Interface in one of  Xerox’s exhibition. He was inspired. He used his sense of art and created something beautiful. What they created was the first prototype of the Macintosh OS.

So Be original. Don’t let others tell you that your ideas are not original. Always believe in your heart that it is your hard work and dedication that brought the idea to life. So, Be Real.

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“Always Be the real person you are. Because puppets don’t go through finish line without rushing them through.” – Shayla Kelly


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