Free Thinking. Liberal Ideas. These are words that should never go in vain. A lot like perspective, free thinking is an important part in the making of a human being. Free thinking is important. What is free thinking? Well, the name should give you some hint but actually it is our power to think freely without anyone’s opinion as a interference.

Recently, I watched the Dead Poet Society. A movie where Robin Williams plays an English Teacher in a boys school. His teaching style was very different from the other teachers. In this movie Robin Williams said that his aim was to make the students free thinkers, so that they could find out the meaning of the poems without the opinion of the critics. He showed us a way how free thinkers could be made. Although I say Free Thinking is important, I have come across very few who have the power to adopt free thinking. The people who have used the power of free thinking are either called “hippies” and the others are so successful that they are called “geniuses”.Steve Jobs was a free thinker, Pablo Picasso was a free thinker, Albert Einstein was also a free thinker. Some may say that free thinkers are rebellious which I will absolutely agree to. They become rebellious because they see all the other people around them are against their opinions because they are different.

“We need more people speaking out. This country is not overrun by rebels and free thinkers, it is overrun with sheep and conformists.” – Bill Maher


If you think that you are a free thinker then you should check yourself again. If you are a free thinker you will have an opinion of your own and not be deviated by other’s decision. You should never be scared of revealing your own opinion, but never be judgemental. You should never make shallow decisions based on a single merit. When I meet students nowadays, they are always obseesed with merits and scores. They never respect the value of education and learning. The parents only want to see their children take a career with a high social status and a secure future. What they do not understand is that these children have their own dreams and aspirations. They will fail eventually at some points of time. These parents are not free thinkers.

So, do not listen to other people and live your life by doing what you want to do. Have your own opinion and think freely because your opinion is important because it is original. Be original.

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“If you truly wish to be free, then you must learn to think for yourself. For the mind is the only place where freedom in its absolute state is permissible” – Kenny Rich


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