Luck. It is important. We all know it.  What is luck? It is a factor that is given to everybody in random amounts and is considered to decide your faith. People say that luck matters. Well I can only tell you that if you think it matters then it matters.

Luck is a concept that dates back a long way. You see, Shakespeare, in one of his plays, has described luck as a blind housewife with a spinning wheel. So, being blind, her gifts are heavily misplaced. Luck is a strong force that is more or less as strong as confidence. If you know that luck is own your side then you feel powerful. You feel confident that nothing can go wrong and thus something bad happens. That is when you claim that luck is not with you that day or that moment and thus luck has left your side.

“Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity” – Darrell Royal

So what can we learn from the last line. Yes luck is like God. If you believe in it then you see things happening because of it. Luck is a God for atheists. I prefer to define luck as a probability of the results. People have to believe in something. No matter what you have to say, in the end of the day there has to be something that you blame for your misery. Some people shout at God and some at their luck. So luck is there till you believe in it. I will encourage you to believe in something, Buddhism, Christianity and if you don’t like religion try believing in luck because you cannot live without it. If you have nothing to divert your causes of misery to, then the people around you will have to face your wrath which is what I won’t encourage you do. So luck might be able to help you in accomplishing great tasks if you believe in it. Someday luck might be able to take you to heaven.

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“Success is simply a Matter of Luck. Ask any Failure.” – Earl Wilson


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