Perspective. An important part of life. So, what is perspective? It is an angle of view that one has on a situation. Perspective is also a synonym for opinion. Perspective is a very varied feature. People usually do not share the same perspective on everything. You might have a perspective on everything but among these the most important is life.
Having a perspective on life is very important. Having a perspective of life clears your vision for your own future and ambitions. Your path will be clearer. For example, if you have the perspective that life is short then you can go on living your life accordingly but some people would say that life is a long journey and so they might live their life differently. Thus you may see how the perspective in life can change your future and also may effect other’s future.
“Sometimes you need to look at life from a different Perspective” – Inas Chahboun
You should always have your own perspective on things. That is what would separate you from the people. Many people do not even bother to have their own perspective. If you do not posses a perspective of your own, then you do not have personality of your own. Do not change or form your perspective on other people’s opinion because that will steal away your own voice. You maybe influenced or take advice from someone to carve your opinion but don’t change it entirely based on their perspective. A few days back someone told me that he watched a movie that was boring. I watched the same movie and it became one of my favourite movies. So if I had took my friend’s advice I would never have seen that movie. So Don’t assume anything and be aware that your friend may not share the same perspective as you do. Have your own perspectives, have opinions on the world and it’s affairs because that is what separates you from others and defines who you are.
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“I tend to believe that there is no good and evil, only different Perspectives” – Nick


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