The Big Picture. Looking at the big picture is definitely important. Always try to look at the big picture. So what is the big picture? It is the consequences on a big scale that your actions might bring.
Many people keep on saying, “Try to look at the bigger picture”. So, what are they trying to say. When you do something, don’t think what purpose it serves, think of how many people it helps to lead a better life. When you think with a perspective of trying to make the earth a better living place, you are definitely looking at the big picture. You should always think about the mass. For example, the booting, that is, the starting of the of first machintosh was taking a lot of time. Steve Jobs had noticed it and claimed that it should be less. The employee said that it was not possible. So Steve started explaining him that a difference of 3 seconds for 1000 people could actually save 12 days per year. Then he said that it was going to be used by millions of people. So he told him to think of the time he could save and thus to look at the bigger picture. The employee was inspired and was able make the booting time 6 seconds shorter. This was how you see at the bigger picture. No matter how successful you become or no matter what your work is, unless you can look at the bigger picture, you will not posses the same energy and passion to drive your work.
“The Man who moves mountain begins by carrying away small stones” – Confucias
You also need a vision of the bigger picture in your own life. For example if you ate two eggs a day for 12 days, you will actually gain a kilogram of weight. So if you don’t start burning calories, within a month you would actually end up fat. This may inspire you to start jogging or exercising. So looking at the bigger picture can inspire you and others to do something that deems difficult to achieve. Successful leaders are always capable of far-sight vision, that is, looking at the bigger picture for predicting the future.
So it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Always try to look at the bigger picture because that makes your life come into clarity.
Thank you for reading through. If you are inspired to look at the picture, do follow my blog and try to leave a feedback.
“Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back to see the full picture”Krexy


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