Get Started. Why haven’t you started what you always wanted to do? Are you waiting for the right moment? Well that is never going to come. A piece of advice from me is, that perfect moment to start something is never going to come in a million years.
So what should you do? If you think that you are not ready for doing or starting something new, then you are entirely wrong. The thing is that, if you don’t get started now, then it is wasteful to even think about it because I really doubt that you would ever get started. Let me tell you that you have to start somewhere. If you start doing something new, you will learn something new. If you make mistakes you will learn from those mistakes. That how it works. Nobody is perfect at the start. Take Eric Clapton, my favourite guitarist, for example, he might have a great talent in writing and playing guitar, but I bet he couldn’t play it so fine when he was learning. He had to be determined and believe in himself and had to be patient. Learning from mistakes is the best possible way to learn anything. I had mentioned this in my first blog that to do something small, you’ve got to start small. The way to success will not be easy, but once you’ve started, with patience and determination, nobody can stop you from being successful.
“The scariest moment is always just before you start” – Anonymous
There is only one thing that will come in your way to learning something new, that is believing in yourself. You have to believe that you have made the right decisions and have to confident about them. But you can never be confident about your decisions made about something about which you have little experience. So when you gain experience and learn from your mistakes you will gain confidence too. Learning is a fine ride, don’t make it boring by only reading about it, go and do it yourself in real life or else you and I both will regret it. So Don’t Wait anymore and Get Started.
Thank you for reading through and I apologise for missing my last post. If you feel inspired and want to get started, please leave a feedback and subscribe to my blog.
“The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started” – Mark Twain


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