Take It. These two words might not mean much to you but it is an important phrase. So what do I mean by take it. Well in my life I have come across many situations where either I get to take it or leave it. You may have faced similar kinds of situations. But I assure you that is not what I mean. So what is so important about these two words?

Well when I say ‘Take it’ I meant about taking chances. Yes, taking chances in life is very important. So, you might think at a point of time that your life is going well and you don’t need to take anymore chances, but your wrong. You have to take chances at every step in your life to be successful. Without taking chances how will you succeed. Taking chances may be known to you as taking risks. Without risking something to lose, you can never gain because that is how it works. You have to give your full effort. In dating, you might have come across someone saying that you don’t give your 100% in the relationship by which she(it is usually a girl who is saying that) means that your afraid of risking yourself. Take a risk because you never know what might happen.

So why do people tend not to take chances, because they are usually afraid of losing. Let me tell, unless you overcome your fear of losing, you will never ever win. If shadow of fear of failure looms over your head, you must escape it to enter the glow of success.

“Don’t Fear Losing, Fear Quitting” – Anonymous

So don’t be afraid, live fearlessly and never avoid taking chances because unless you risk it, you will never gain it. Remember if you stop taking chances your life will have no meaning.

Too short? I regret it too. Do write me a feedback if you feel a little bit inspired.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life” – Muhammad Ali


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