Giving up is not an option. Recently I watched a movie based on an Indian boxer, Mary Kom. She is a very successful boxer, a wife and a mother of three. In all these circumstances she boxed and even won a bronze medal in the olympics. She inspired me and showed me that, to her giving up was not an option. If you want success or fame or any achievement in your life then you have to commit your time, mind and body to it. Without any hard work you cannot achieve anything.
If you want success, you cannot give up when things get tough. Let me tell you, the way to success is a long road and to reach it you will have to go through some tough obstacles, if you break down and give up then, you will regret it for the rest of your life thinking that a little more effort could have changed your life. So why don’t you endure the pain more now than taking the pain of regret for the rest of our life. If you are an entrepreneur or do something you love then you can’t give up on yourself because it is an option too luxurious for you to take. Remember, if you give up now, people will not remember you why you gave up, but if you do tackle the obstacles nobody would remember how you tackled it, but see how successful you ended up. When you can boast people about your success, you will realize that all the hard work, all that dedication has paid off better than you thought.
Never give up, not only on yourself but also on the people around you. If you don’t trust the people around you then you maybe paranoid. The best way to tackle obstacles is by support from others, so trust people and don’t give up on them. So I would conclude by saying that before giving up on something, think again and see if you think you would regret it in future.
A small post? I apologise. Thank you for reading through. If you feel motivated on not giving up then do follow my blog and write me a feedback.
“Success seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t give up” -Conrad Hilton


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