If you are not a criminal, you have no use reading further. You kept on reading? This was reverse psychology. It is when you tell someone to do something and they do just the opposite. It is a great trick to persuade someone. In this post  I have writen some tricks to persuade people. So don’t keep on reading.

The principle of Reciprocity. It is the obligation to give back what you have received. In an experiment it has been found that when a waiter leaves a mint  his/her tip increases by 3%, whereas leaving two mints led to an increase of 14%. But when the waiter turned around and said that “But for you good people,  another mint”,  the waiter’s  tip increased by 27%. So to conclude, to use the principle of Reciprocity you have to be used first to give and it should be personalised and unexpected.

The principle of Scarcity. People always want the most of less. When British airlines had announced that they would no longer be running the twice-daily route from London to New York because it had become uneconomical, the sales took off the very next day. Note that nothing had changed, only it had become scarce which made the sales go up. So to conclude, It is not enough to tell what they will gain from the benefits, but they’ll have to know what is unique about it and what they stand to lose.

Authority. People follow the lead of credibility and knowledge. It has been seen that more physiotherapists have been able to persuade  most people to comply to their program by hanging their diplomas on their office wall. Another experiment showed  that in an office when a receptionist used credentials before referring to their colleagues, like “Let me pass you through to Jessica, she has a experience of 15 years in property management’, there was a rise of 20% in appointments and 15% increase in signed contracts. Not bad! So to conclude it is important to let others know about your credibility, knowledge and authority before you make an attempt to persuade or influence them.

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“At the end of Reasons, comes Persuasion” -Ludwig Wittgenstien


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