Imagine. A word that defines creativity. A word that means to think out of the regular. So what is the importance of imagination? A lot. If you’re in the creative field you definitely need imagination. If you’re not in the creative field, you really need imagination. For me there is no work that does not require creativity, except working in the mine-fields, gold-fields, oil fields and other fields. If you’re a programmer, you need imagination because imagination also means to think of something as what it can be. Imagination is a very important. Without imagination, life is dull. There is no fun in living in a life without imagination.

Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the power of imagination. Nobody is without imagination. It is right beside your brain working out math problems, probably making fun of him for working so hard. Imagination is like a plant, it has to be nurtured with care, it has to be taken care of. So what are the ways you can increase your power of imagination. Read Books. As many as you can. Not only will it increase your power of imagination and the ability to think, but also will increase your vocabulary. Listen to instrumental music. It helps a lot not only to activate those brain cells, but also helps to concentrate. I am listening to it as I write through. So if you’re a writer then you are already reading a lot of books but if you’re into designing products, although you have a flow of imagination I doubt you read that much. You should read a lot. If you can describe a prouct in words, then you’re imagination does the processing which brings out a beautiful product using your imagination. Imagine a beautiful vase with a soothing colour. Did you imagine you’re vase, was it beautiful? That’s not me, it’s you’re imagination. Imagination can even take you to places youve never been to. Imagine the most beautiful place on earth. Then think that you are there. Think about the breeze around you, the beautiful sky, the stunning view and the good time you are having.

You’re imagination has more power than you can think of. So stop stressing your brain for memorizing things and let the other part of the brain have some fun by using it for imagining because “Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstien. If you have imagination on your side you will never be bored and you’re life will be good. So never stop imagining.

If you know John Lennon, one of my all time favourite singer, had written a song which inspired me to the title. So if you ever have time do listen to the song, Imagine.

Thanks for all you’re time. Did you get any inspiraion for imagining? Then please subscribe to my post and leave me a feedback.

“Reality leaves a lot to Imagination” – John Lennon


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