Belief. The synonym for belief can be stated as faith or trust. Belief is a power on which the whole universe is based on. Without the power of belief the mankind would never have moved forward, the human race would have never evolved. Each and every person has their own beliefs and faith. For example some people believe in God and the others are aethists. Some people believe in superstitions and some don’t. Some people believe in other people. So what is the reason? Why do people believe? Well that is tough to answer because I’m not that enlightened. Maybe because it is a human tendency to have faith that they know what is going to happen, the comfort that they know most of everything. No matter how much you disagree humans cannot bear the element of suprise because curiosity has an upper-hand.

Now believing in some team or someone whom you have not spent your life with is difficult, but believing in someone whom, you have spent your life with should be easy. Well who is this person, it’s you. Yes, believing in yourself should be easy then. So why do most people don’t have confidence in themselves. If you don’t believe in your-self, then there is nothing in the world that can make you evolve in your life. You have to have faith in yourself or their is no use of living. If you fear that you are not good at something without even trying it then your wrong. If you don’t believe in yourself because you fear that you are going to fail, then you are just looking it from the wrong angle. You have to realize that you’re going to fail. Failing doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you stronger. But not only you have to get up from those failures but learn from them.

“In order to succed, You’re desire for success should be greater than your fear of failures”
– Albert Einstien.

So get up, don’t be afraid. People who are now successful would never have been successful if they had feared that they are going to be wrong. If Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, had stopped when he had failed, he never would have been able to make so many ventures, where most failed, but the ones which didn’t brought the success of which he can be proud of today. If you ever read about him you will notice that he has faced more failures than success. But that is the thing my friends, after the hardwork, patience and those failures comes Success which is worth all those. After that people will know you for your successes and not your failures. So never doubt yourself and believe in what you do or else it’s worthless.

Thank you for reading through it. If you feel a little bit inspired, please do leave me a feedback.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”-Theodore Roosevelt


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