Humour. An important part of life. It is tendency that provokes laughter. A very important part of life which is rather gone unnoticed by most. Humour is also refered as comedy by some. So what does humour have to do with our normal or not-so-normal lives? A lot.

First we got to have a sense of humour. We often come across people saying “That guy doesn’t have a sense of humour”. It is not always true.Humour doesn’t mean making fun of people or being rude.You should not steal one smile for even a thousand. So why should we have a sense of humour? It’s so important that it can be related to your other physical senses. To enjoy life you have got to have a sense of humour and if not atleast have the ability to absorb humour. Humour is a very powerful weapon. It can make people do things that they might not have done with a sad soul. You may not realize it but you can always use a sense of humour to your advantage. Having a sense of humour heavily effects your personality. When a person makes people laugh with him, he is considered witty because he has the ability to use his words to bring a smile. To be humorous you have to use your wit and be aware of your surroundings. If you have ever seen or heard a comedian then you might observe that most of them use very recent topics which people can relate to. The more people can relate, the more it seems funny.

“Laughter is the Best Medicine”

You can light up a room, not by fire but with smiles using humour. If you have the power of humour, you can make people listen to you. I have never liked watching news channels. They can be dead boring sometimes. But The Daily Show with Jon Stewart changed my perspective. Although he sometimes doesn’t handle sensitive issues well, but he makes his point. It doesn’t matter what I think, because he is able to get a huge audience. He is able to educate people through satire. It shows how much power Humour has.

So Humour has a lot of power and can raise a large audience. Everyone may not have a good sense of humour but one must learn to gradually accept humour as a part of their lives. Humour makes your life a lot less boring because you will always have something to smile at even if its not your paycheck. So next time your in a conversation try being funny and see if you can get any people to listen to you.

Read it through? I really appriciate it. If you felt a little inspired to make someone smile then write me back.

“Humour is Mankind’s greatest Gift” – Mark Twain


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