Everyday I wake up and ask myself am I doing something different today. Is today going to be different. Yes everyday has to be different. If your day has nothing new to offer you might as well be dead. If you’ve not tried something new till now then what the hell are you waiting for. Go outside take in the sunshine, look at the stars.

It doesn’t matter who you are. You can be 15 or 40 years old. Try playing soccer today. Go and watch a movie in a theatre. You can be an entrepreneur, you can be marketing genius or you can be an undergrad. Don’t let those come in the way of your happiness. Believe me when I say that you will always have time to enjoy your life. If your an entrepreneur I believe you would be saying, “I love what I’m doing now”. I know everything you are doing is something new, everything your doing is changing the world everyday. But don’t you think that once in a while you should give it a rest. I’m sure that when you go on a road trip to San Fransisco or in Spain with your friends or family, you would think to yourself that why didn’t you do this before. Did this guy have to tell me.

If your a man who spends a lot of time on his computer blogging or programming stuff then stop. Leave this post now. Get out. Go and have a life. Sitting behind a laptop or staring at a phone is not smart. Its not about your health, not your shape or size, Its about you being happy. Don’t keep scrolling down your Facebook wall for pictures of strange cartoon faces with something written on it. Here’s an advice when you can’t help yourself scrolling down. Stop for a while and think about what will you find scrolling down and think if it’s useful in anyway.

Nothing to do? You are dead wrong. Go read a book. Write something, start your own blog. Cook a new dish today. Too tired? Then try a new cuisine rated in Yelp. Travel to your favourite park or your favourite country. Believe me, “Sky is the limit”. There will always be something to do.

If you read through that, I really appreciate it. Do you feel a little , just a tiny bit, inspired, well please leave me a feedback.

“Life is too short, live life at its fullest” – Anonymous


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