I have always dreamt of doing something big. A great man once said that “To do something big, you gotta start small”. So here I am. I have always loved communicating with people. I’m positive that this post will not change anything. No one will notice. But for me this is the beginning of my life of expression. I’ve heard that blogging has been stated as a great way to express yourself. I’m realising that as I write through.

Now who am I. I am a person who is inspired by people who have changed the world. The people who have pushed the mankind forward. I have been heavily influenced by Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Larry Page. But I don’t want to follow their footsteps, literally! People should realize that originality is important. Albert Einstien was the idol of Steve Jobs, but Steve was not a scientist. He admired him because Einstien, like Jobs, was a free thinker. He didn’t care what other people thought about him. That is what I admire about Steve Jobs. You should never get deviated from your faith, path or beliefs just because they are different from the society. So Believe in Yourself.

That was it. If you read all through that, I really appreciate it. Please send me a feedback about how it was and how I can change.

“People who are Crazy enough to Think that they can change the World are the ones Who actually do” -Steve Jobs


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